Custom Greyscale Boudoir Drawing (Photo session optional)

Resendez Studios

(Variations of size and photoshoot length available in drop down menu)

Want to give a unique gift to yourself or your significant other? Let me draw you - boudoir style. 

Drawing includes:

  • If you would like a full photoshoot (up to an hour of photo time and 20 photos) select the variant below that's right for you.
  • If drawn from life (included) - the drawing will take a sitting of approximately 3-9 hours. (3 hour sessions until complete)

Image shown is a lithograph print as an example, but actual drawing will be more detailed, and smooth.

Drawing is greyscale (or monotone, aka: one color) charcoal/pastel and may take 1-3 weeks to complete depending on complexity. 

If you supply me with your own photograph, I will draw from it instead. No discounts for using your own photo as the mini photo session is complimentary.


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Wall featuring painting of Angela M. Resendez

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