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Experience the magic of live painting at your wedding ceremony or reception!

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Wedding Painter in Corpus Christi, Texas

A Memorable Experience

Paintings have been around since the dawn of man - immortalize your wedding with a painting! Whether it be the standard commissioned portrait, or the eventful "live" painting by Angela M. Resendez, a piece of art will definitely add a very memorable element to your wedding day. 

Unique Entertainment

Give your guests the luxury of watching an artist paint your uniquely elegant (dare we say extravagant) event.

What will the set up look like?

What does the setup look like?

The set-up is very quick and simple.  I will set up a portable wooden easel at the wedding reception (or ceremony), my paints, jars for water, brushes, and a bag to hold excess materials. I will make sure to blend in with the environment as much as possible to enhance the atmosphere.


Prior to the wedding day, I will give the client an opportunity to let me know any specific preferences they may have for the painting – they have the choice of having the reception or ceremony painted. On the wedding day, I will arrive at the reception about an hour or so early to set up my easel and paints, and begin laying out a loose composition before guests arrive. If I paint the ceremony, I will arrive 2-3 hours before to paint the majority before guests arrive, due to the short timeframe of a ceremony.

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Wall featuring painting of Angela M. Resendez

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