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Portraits, Boudoir Paintings, Photography and Abstract Paintings

Heirloom Painted Portraits

Neo-classical paintings with a burst of color

Neo-classical paintings

With a burst of color and marks reminiscent of Impressionism, let me paint your portrait that you can cherish for decades. These are typically done from photographs and take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to complete depending on size and complexity.

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Live Wedding Paintings

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Live Wedding Paintings (plein air)

This is something that I am SUPREMELY excited to offer - I will come to your wedding to paint for 5-6 hours while the ceremony or reception is happening. 

Fine Art Boudoir Drawing and Painting

Boudoir Paintings + Drawings

Let me paint you like one of the French girls (or boys)

Intimate Portrait

Whether by drawing or painting, let's celebrate the curves and the beauty of your body! Drawings can be done on site, and paintings will be done from a photograph as a flat fee. If you want to model for a live painting session, it may take several days and hours of work.

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Fine Art Photography

Let me shoot your wedding, and your portraits!

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If we are working away in the studio or at an event, we respond quickest to e-mail and text; but, anywhere you leave a message, we will respond to you within 24-28 hours. 

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