What to Wear to Engagement or Couple's Photo session

What to Wear to Engagement or Couple's Photo session

March 05, 2019

What to wear to engagement session

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is: What should we wear to our engagement session? My answer is generally pretty straightforward, but it's very simple.

I suggest the following 5 simple rules, and if all else fails, I ask couples to send me pictures of what you are thinking!:

Engagement photos at Big Bend National Park

    1. Dress up - at least a little more than the norm of what you usually wear - and to choose solid, coordinating colors. Patterns CAN work out, but, they should be subdued. You really don't want anything distracting from your relationship in the photos. YOU want to be the star, not your clothes (although your clothes CAN enhance the photos!) 

    1. Choose something that represents YOUR unique style and what you LIKE to wear. It will show in your images if you are comfortable or not, so definitely wear something you FEEL confident and comfortable wearing. AND something you can move around in! I ask my couples to DO things and have fun at our sessions - I don't just pose people.
      Engagement photos at Hazel Basemore Park

    1. Coordinate your colors. Think about complementary colors, any certain color schemes your eye typically gravitates toward, or a neutral and a pop color. (but typically, I recommend against neon bright colors, unless that you're signature style.)
      Engagement photos at Port Aransas Beach Texas

    1. IF you are going to choose a patterned piece of clothing, make sure that it's either sparsely covering the fabric, or minimal. Often times, plaid or checkered shirts for men especially will overwhelm the eye in the photographs and sometimes cause an optical illusion of a vibration on the shirt which can be distracting. Click here to look at the variations of what I mean. 
      Engagement Photos at Terlingua, Texas

  1. If you choose not to dress up, think about the theme of your wedding and how it will fit in, especially if you will have engagement images at your wedding or if you are sending out save the dates. Location of engagement photos will also be important for the vibe you are going for, but your outfit choices are really important here.

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